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Whether you want to just be pampered and indulged with a relaxation massage or you’d prefer a deep tissue massage, we have a massage therapist to suit you.

Or, like most people, you may like to choose a “combination” style, which uses deeper techniques on those tense, problem areas but you still get a divine, indulgent massage of the scalp, hands and feet etc, which we all love!

Our little touches like heated massage tables (optional of course), lots of tension relieving scalp massaging and we then remove oil from your back and feet with a steaming hot towel which will have you floating on air.

We encourage you to relax for as long as you like in our Calm Room, after your massage with a herbal tea…. delay the return to reality for as long as you can!

Health fund rebates are available please ask reception at time of booking.


Calmer Signature Massage

Our most popular massage starts with a full body exfoliation using a divine body brush, followed by a full body massage (your choice of deep tissue, relaxation, combination or pregnancy). Your feet will be indulged with a gorgeous scrub (removed with steaming hot towels) and those tight facial muscles receive a beautiful massage using our exclusive aromatherapy blend. All stress will finally melt away with a tension relieving scalp massage focusing on those pressure points…. the result?…heaven!”

1 hour 15 mins (allow 1hr 20mins) – $134

young woman getting a head massage at a spa. Face massage with perfect clean and fresh skin


Champi is the original Ayurvedic art of Indian head massage. It is a massage treatment focused on the upper back and arms, the shoulders, head, neck and face. The brain is the seat of the nervous system and by massaging the head and neck you are in fact treating the whole body, as the nerves, blood and lymph vessels leave from the base of the neck and travel down the spine to the rest of the body. Coconut oil is used on the head as it cools and softens the skin and is strengthening and nourishing to the hair.

40 mins (allow 50 mins) $85


Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage that uses smooth heated stones to release your tight muscles and achieve mental relaxation. It is deeply soothing and relaxing and the stones can also be used to give an amazing deep tissue massage.

1 hour 20 mins (allow 1.5 hours) – $164


Full Body Scrub & Fully Body Massage

We will rid your skin of dry, rough layers then use hot towels to remove the scrub, followed by a full body massage, focusing on those tight areas. Your circulation will be stimulated and your skin will be smooth and glowing.

1 hour 20 mins (allow 1.5 hours) – $164

Beautiful, young and healthy woman on bamboo mat in spa salon is having vacuum cupping. Spa, health and healing concept.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Cupping is great for detoxing and has many other benifits , including  help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. The cupping  is preformed as part of a remedial massage and can be claimed on your health fund.

50 mins (allow 1hr) $110



Don’t see the perfect massage for you here? no problem, at Carlmer Therapies we have our ‘make your own massage’ service where you can mix and match our treatments to get the perfect massage or combination treatmnet for you.

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers

Angie is an amazing therapist, one of the best ive ever had and i have been to spa places all around the world & own wellness retreats in Asia. At calmer thwrapies they wven come to you in your hotel room or home & bring everything to you which is amazing!
Zoe Watson
Highly recommended salon! I had a signature massage, manicure and pedicure, all done by Charlotte. My nails look amazing and I feel much less stressed. The atmosphere is relaxing and quiet and the products used are lovely.
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Candice Brown
Massage, Pedicure, Manicure
If I could give Calmer Therapies more than 5 stars I would. Angie my massage therapist was amazing.. I went in feeling stressed out and left in a state of absolute bliss. I will definitely be coming back again.
massage gold coast
Katherine Simpson

Design Your Massage

Tailor your massage experience to your exact needs

Step One: Choose your Massage


A calming, soothing style designed to take you away from all stress and tension and leave you in a completely calm state. This state will have a ripple effect on all those around you (family and friends).

Deep Tissue

A firmer style that often utilizes knuckles and even elbows to penetrate further into those tense muscles, resulting in a looser body and a clearer mind.


This is a fusion of the above 2 styles so that you get the best of both worlds. Release the tension from knotted areas but also feel pampered and indulged.


Exactly the same as a relaxation or combination massage but you may be propped in certain ways on the massage table depending on what you require to be comfortable. There are certain areas and pressure points that are avoided during pregnancy. Massage is a huge relief to an aching lower back and feet, areas of discomfort common during pregnancy. Please note, massage is not recommended during the first trimester.

Step two: Choose your Calmer Time

20 mins

Allow 30 mins – $59

50 mins

Allow 1 hour – $104

1 hour + 20 mins

Allow 1.5 hours – $154

1 hour + 50 mins

Allow 2 hours – $199